The Station is a non-profit (501c3) youth camp in Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA, that was established in 2008.  Unfortunately, in April 2018 we closed our doors because the camp property we were leasing was sold to another person.  We are not operating as a camp right now.  But we would love it if you and all of our campers, supporters, all those that love The Station will pray for the future of the camp.  Pray with us for clear vision for what the non-profit organization will look like in the future, and that the Lord will provide funds for a new location for the non-profit organization.  We definitely want to keep bringing hope, God’s love, and life changing outdoor adventures to a generation of young people! 




      When we started the camp in 2008, God gave us a vision statement: "Forever Changed, Never the Same".  This was our heart for every camper, every leader, and every staff member that experienced The Station.  We longed for each of them to be forever changed by God, we knew that only God could do that, not us.  But we were SO excited to create a place where people could come and experience God's incredible outdoor creations, His hope, the truth of His Word, and His love!  We wanted these youth and young adults to see themselves as God sees them, as amazing sons and daughters of the King of Kings, who have incredible purpose and destiny!  And then we had the privilege of watching and coming alongside of so many young people; hearing their stories, walking a process of emotional healing with many, inspiring them to take leaps of faith themselves, praying for them, and sending them into new seasons where they could go after the dreams that God put in their hearts!

We watched young people gain a sense of accomplishment, overcome fear, step outside of their comfort zones, and as a public non-profit we were able to host youth from the inner city/at-risk youth organizations, public schools, church youth groups, running teams, boy/girl scouts, universities and more.  We had to be creative in how we shared the love of God. It didn't include "preaching" all of the time, but it did include sharing that there is ALWAYS hope!!  No matter what walk of life these young people lived, no matter what life circumstances they faced, we wanted them to know that God loves them no matter where they've been or what they have done!  And that they could count on God, He has a hope for their future!

We had the opportunity to meet and work with young people from all over the world!  Some of our campers were refugees from other countries, and some young adults that came from other countries joined our staff team throughout the years.  Countries that were represented at The Station:  Thailand, Malaysia, Somalia, Finland, Iraq, Myanmar, China, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Uganda, Mexico, and many more!


When we started The Station, God put on our hearts that we were to embrace the world!  And we knew that the Lord would bring young people to the camp that needed a healing touch from our loving heavenly Father.  We created a place where youth felt accepted and felt inspired to go after the dreams in their hearts.  God also brought the best staff throughout the camp seasons, they exuded His love, and created a super fun environment where the campers could be kids! Through the years we realized that young people had to grow up too fast, and our heart was to provide a place where our campers could be reminded how to have fun in the great outdoors, how to be free from stress, and have a break from the tough circumstances of life.

Going forward, the vision statement for The Station will stay the same.  Our main focus is going to be retreats for inner-city/at-risk/underprivileged youth in the US and also globally.  And we are planning to focus even more on mentoring young adults who want to go after big dreams; such as, starting their own non-profit organizations, ministries, global missions, etc.  

So, please join us in prayer!  Many may say that we've done enough to reach youth throughout the years, with thousands of youth experiencing hope for their futures over the past 2 decades...but we are not satisfied!  There are thousands more young people across this globe that need the opportunity to know that they have a God in heaven that is fighting for them!  A God whose love is never-ending!  And that no circumstance in life can keep them from the hope that God has for their future!

We are not done yet!  But we do need your help. The Station can only move forward with prayers and financial support.  If you would like to partner with us and invest in the future of young people, please let us know that you are praying by sending us a message below! 

If you would like to donate to help provide for the future of The Station, so that we can continue to reach the next generation, please click DONATE.

Thank you for sharing in our vision to reach a generation with hope!

Rachel and Peter Bowman
The Station Founders


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