At The Station, one of our core values is the experience – we want it to be unforgettable and meaningful for the campers as individuals and athletes within the snowboarding and action sports communities.  During our snowboarding camps, we offer a wide range of activities for the campers to participate in, on and off the mountain.  

With their time on the mountain, campers will get the opportunity to ride with coaches and pros to develop their ability (and steeze!).  We want to make sure that they come to camp with riding/trick goals and leave having accomplished those goals and hopefully more!  These camps will allow campers to build up their confidence and riding ability while having a good time with The Station staff.  As well, our action sports camps will allow campers access to specific terrain features (park and pipe) that they can improve upon or try out for the very first time with the support and accompaniment of fellow snowboarders, friends and pros.