It's such a bummer when kids can't experience camp simply because they don't have money. Their passion and sense for adventure is there, as well as a desire to escape from their daily situations but often times they can't because of the financial costs.

We are committed to making sure kids from inner-city organizations have the amazing opportunity to come to camp. We don't see them as undeserved youth because we believe they are more than deserving of such an opportunity and know that an experience at The Station will be forever life-changing. That is why we have set up a scholarship fund to help alleviate the costs for these kids to come to camp. 

Think about when you were growing up and all the cool things you didn't get to do: go to a ball game, buy some candy, have your very own snowboard or skis. Now think about the millions of kids who feel this way on a daily basis. Pretty heavy, huh? It doesn't have to end there! YOU have the ability to make a difference! 

If you or your business would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the scholarship fund, please let us know or make a donation. Every little bit helps and will make it that much more possible to send a kid to camp!