The Station is Reaching Out!

Its been a while since we've posted, so we thought we would give some updates on what The Station is doing right before the holidays.  We have spent our fall season recovering from our busy summer camp season, cleaning up the camp property, and marketing to over 50 inner city and at risk youth organizations.  Our heart is to reach the youth that can't get to camp themselves!  The Station applies for several grants throughout the year so we can partner with other non-profit organizations, who work with inner city and at risk youth.  

The impact on the lives of these youth is tremendous!  Over the past 6 and half years we have worked with several organizations:  Outdoor Outreach, Harbor House, Many Mansions and HerShe Foster Girls are just few. When we watch a camper snowboard or ski for the first time, at first we see the fear in their eyes as they step outside their comfort zone.  But as the first day goes on, something clicks...and slowly the fear turns to a huge sense of accomplishment!  And then the smile appears!  Campers from the inner city that experience activities like this have such a new appreciation for the great outdoors.  And they gain more self confidence.

The Station staff speak life into our campers.  These youth need to believe that there is always hope.  And that there is a way out of the tough circumstances where they may live.  We take what they accomplish in the great outdoors and correlate it to how they can accomplish great things in their lives!  At The Station we always want the camp experience to be positive, and we work really hard, hire the most incredible staff, and create so much fun so that each camper feels welcomed and loved!

This holiday season, we are asking for partners.  Organizations that will partner with us to bring their youth to The Station.  And also partners that will pour financially into The Station inner city/at risk youth scholarship fund.  Please partner with us to give an awesome youth an incredible camp experience!!  Help The Station reach out!

Contact info@thestationcamp.com for more information.  



A Message from The Station Founder

It’s been five and a half years since my husband, Peter, and I founded The Station.  And I've never written a blog on our web site, so I thought it was about time!  As we approach the New Year, so many memories of past camps are flooding my heart and mind.  The Station has hosted almost 70 camps and close to 1500 youth since our beginning.  I have one of the best jobs in the world!  I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share hope with them.  When a young person steps onto The Station camp property, our heart is to instill a hope for their futures.  Many youth that attend camp at The Station come from life circumstances that are very difficult.  We host many inner city/at risk youth throughout the year; some are in foster care, some are refugees, and some live in gang areas.  And all of them need to know that they can accomplish great things in their lives.  They need to know that they are not stuck, and that there are people who care and will cheer them on in life!

I decided to include a story from one of our campers in my blog.  Her name is Felicia, and she was a camper for 2 years in a row, from an organization called HerShe Foster Girls from inner city Los Angeles.  Felicia was not only a camper, she also applied for our internship program when she turned 18 and was on staff at The Station for a year.  Here is her story; it will touch your heart:


Hey Station fans! My name is Felicia Prado.  I’m writing this post because I want to talk about my amazing experience throughout the last 3 years at The Station. In February 2012, my path in life changed completely. It was the last night of the 2nd camp that I had attended at The Station, and the staff had asked if anyone needed prayer. At that moment I felt something stir inside of me and I got out of my seat to ask for prayer. The first person I saw when I looked up was Rachel, The Station Founder. I told her what was on my heart, and she started to pray. From that moment, something ignited in my heart. I felt glimpse of hope for my future!

For many years, I had been in and out of several foster care homes.  I had faced abuse, drugs all around me, and I was exposed to gangs and violence. And then I experienced The Station.  I felt loved, and when I had the opportunity to snowboard too, I gained such a sense of accomplishment. 

When I turned 18 I decided to apply for the summer internship. I was accepted and spent 3 months at The Station in Mammoth. Slowly I began my relationship with God, and found my passion for people at the camp. My internship finished, and I decided to move back home, but unfortunately my life circumstances at home had not changed. Once again drugs were all around me (I didn’t agree with using them, but everyone around me was selling them or using), and a lack of safety overwhelmed me. I ended up homeless and lost, without parents. I contacted Rachel and shared with her what was happening in my life; she asked me if I wanted a healthy future.  She said that The Station could help me gain life skills, job skills and give me an opportunity to learn to take care of myself. 

 I came back to The Station, and had a fresh start as a young adult.  The camp family gave me the tools I needed to utilize in my life to thrive in my new community. I interned for two seasons and then was given the position as a full time-staff member. After being a full time staff for a while, I felt that it was time for me to move out into the “real world”. I left The Station as a transformed person that is now able to thrive by myself.  I learned so many things while working at The Station, such as, office tasks, customer service skills, life skills, etc. 

Most importantly, I learned how to open myself up to people, so that I can impact people’s lives by interacting with them with love, compassion, and honor. I can make a difference too!  I’m sharing my story in hopes that people read this and get inspired to make a decision to change their lives, and have hope for their future.

Thank you,



Felicia’s story has impacted my life, and I long to see more young people receive hope for their future.  She is more than a survivor; she is a champion.  We have had the privilege of taking part in several stories similar to Felicia’s since we began The Station.  And every time I see a young person gain hope to live a full and healthy life, I know that Pete and I made the right decision in founding The Station.  This adventure of starting a camp has not been an easy one!  There had been many days that we thought we would have to close the doors; many hours, many policies, lack of funds, and many meetings can be quite discouraging.  But stories like Felicia’s keep us moving forward.  I long to see thousands of youth know there is ALWAYS hope!

This new year The Station will be launching a young women’s mentoring home, so that more young women with similar circumstances like Felicia will have the opportunity to gain life skills, healing, job skills and more.  The Station will also be hosting several inner city/at risk youth camps this year.  And we are looking for partners who are willing to pour into the lives of youth, both financially and with time volunteering at our camps or in the mentoring home.

Please contact me at rbowman@thestationcamp.com if you would like to partner with Pete and I in seeing the lives of youth forever changed, never the same!

This is my first blog, and I’ve filled up the page!  Thank you for reading! 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Rachel Bowman

The Station Founder



The Life of an Intern 

My name is Lauren Hogan and I am a current undergraduate student at California Baptist University receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Life Span Development and a minor in Global Studies. I was raised in the outskirts of San Francisco with a deep love for traveling, skiing, and learning to love the world & people that the Lord has made.

During my time living in Mammoth Lakes as a summer intern I have been blessed with the opportunity to both teach and learn. Mammoth is an undeniably beautiful place in which every evening is a reminder of such through the elaborate painting like sunsets across the skyline. The unique beauty of nature in Mammoth is overwhelming, the community is welcoming, and the desire to seek wisdom and experience is contagious. Proverbs 1 asks the question, “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways”? Both Rachel and Pete Bowman, the founders of The Station, as well as the rest of the staff without a doubt seek to grow, daily, and encourage others to take part in doing so.

What can you expect while living in Mammoth as a Station intern? Everything. Every day is different however; the foundation to learning more upon learning the authenticity of love alike the one in which the Lord has shown toward us is constant. Therefore, my advise to those whether you may consider taking part in this wonderful opportunity or have already committed to doing so would include the following: be willing to be teachable, humble, patient, display honor, seek wisdom, enjoy the beauty of the people and life in Mammoth, and most of all love both zealously and unconditionally. I hope to see you soon up on the mountain!


2013 Has Begun!

2013 has started off on a high note! We've already had two different camps come and it has been a total blast! Kids are learning new skills on the mountain, eating great food (this is not your normal camp food, yum!) hanging out and playing games. We already had tons of campers tell us how much camp has impacted their lives and how they'll never be the same. We couldn't ask for anything more! We are so excited to see what else happens this winter!


The Station is proud to announce that we were awarded a $3000 grant from the Kelly Clark Foundation to help inner city and at-risk youth come to camp! Thank you so much Kelly Clark Foundation! We can't wait to meet the campers who will be getting the opportunity to come to camp this winter! 

Click here to read an article about The Station receiving the grant. 


Winter is in full swing, but it's already time to start thinking about summer. We are starting to book our summer camps, so if you know any groups that would be interested in an awesome time in Mammoth this summer, contact us and let us know! Mammoth is truly an outdoor playground offering hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, skateboarding and more! Come out to The Station for the summer camp experience of a lifetime!



A New Season

Winter has arrived in Mammoth! The mountain opened up a few weeks ago, and more and more terrain is opening everyday. Today it's snowed several inches in the last few hours. It's truly a Winter Wonderland at The Station today!

Here at The Station we are really excited for these changes, because it means our winter camps are just around the corner! We have been booking more camps and cabin rentals and are expecting God to bring in lots more camps this winter and do some amazing things at camp. Personally, I can't wait until the kids show up! 

With the new season has also come several new staff members and interns! Allow me to introduce to you:

 Jeff Pao - Snowboard Coach/Right Hand Man

 Jeff returns on staff this winter after interning with The Station last winter. Jeff comes from the San Fernando Valley but is stoked about living in Mammoth because he loves skateboarding and snowboarding. Jeff helps leads youth group for Church on the Mountain and is looking forward to pouring into kids who come to camp both on the mountain and off. 


Justin Bell - Maintenance Man

 Justin has come to us from Southern California and is interning as Mr. Fix It! Whether it's driving the snowcat, fixing the garbage disposal or changing a lightbulb, Justin helps keep camp running smoothly. He's also an amazing worship leader and is going to bless our socks off at camp this winter! Justin is also attending the Mammoth Lighthouse School of Ministry and also loves boarding on the mountain and fishing with his Dad whenever possible.

Amy Van Ollefen - Camp Administrator

Amy is from the windy city of Chicago, and moved to Mammoth to intern with The Station and attend the Lighthouse School of Ministry. She loves Chicago but is happy to have a mountain to go with the cold snowy weather. Now that it's seriously snowing, she is excited to ski the mountain. Amy does lots of office and admin and can't wait for camp to start! Amy has been a competitive swimmer for over 15 years and a coach for almost 10 years and is working with Snowcreek Athletic Club to help people in Mammoth learn that you can enjoy water even when it isn't frozen.

Kadence Eggleston - Our Newest Arrival!

Congratulations to Gena and Ben Eggleston on thier brand new baby girl Kadence! By far the cutest member of our team. Gena was our Assistant Camp Director and will be doing the camps bookkeeping while on maternity leave. We sure hope she brings this beautiful girl around to visit us often!


 If you want to be a part of our team this winter (and who wouldn't, we're pretty awesome!) it's not too late! The Station is still looking for staff, interns and volunteers, so contact us for more info! 

Happy Winter!